About Us

Who we are

We are property owners, defined as couples, families and companies, who own lands within the association’s area of interest.

Area of Interest

Properties that lie within the distance of ¼ mile of the high water line of Clear Lake, together with such other areas as may from time to time be that portion of Douro-Dummer Township determined by the Association. Essentially this encompasses the area from South Beach /Fiddler's Lane to McCrackens Landing.

Board of Directors

Up to 12 Directors whose membership is currently up to date, are elected for two year staggered terms by members during the Annual General Meeting. The Board is responsible for the general management and control of the affairs of the Association subject to annual ratification by the members at the Annual General Meeting.


In 1962, the BPOA was formed to oppose the establishment of a trailer camp on a large tract of land fronting on the east side Birchview Road. Property owners along Birchview were approached and 65 owners paid a fee of $3.00 each. These funds covered the cost of the law firm hired to successfully represent the association. The BPOA was incorporated as a non-profit association in August 1987.

The association has a long history of protecting the environment by influencing land use decisions impacting property owners in the area. The BPOA represents and looks out for our community and responds to members requests


    • to monitor everything that may contribute to the continued health, pleasure, comfort and security of those living within the Association’s area of interest.

    • to advocate for, sustain and enhance, the quality of life for property owners, residents and future generations, the ability to share the amenities offered by Clear Lake and environs.

What we do

    • Environmental: monitor and report on environmental issues affecting the lake, designated volunteer Lake Steward, water quality, KLSA, Lake-plan liaison, water testing, road clean-ups, etc.;

    • Douro Dummer (D.D) Township Liaison: monitor Zoning and Variance requests, make presentations on issues as they arise, sit on DD Policing committee, monitor and report on Road Safety;

    • Outreach: liaison with other cottager associations, attendance at other events/organizations;

    • Marketing: newsletter, website, signage, communications/emails to members;

    • Education: get involved and keep membership informed of current issues affecting members, i.e. septic tank inspections, reduced energy costs, green-tips etc.

    • Social: annual party etc..


Contact BILL RATCLIFF, Membership Chair, at 705-652-3588, bill.ratcliff@bell.net